Breaking news: Iran bombs two USA bases in IRAQ

News coming in indicates that Iran was confirmed to have launched dozens of rockets on two bases in Iraq that houses USA military and other coalition forces.

A statement was released by the Pentagon to confirm this news. According to the report from the Pentagon, “it is clear that these missiles were launched from Iran and targeted at least two Iraqi military bases.”

The US Defense Department said it is working on initial battle damage assessments but stated clearly that, “As we evaluate the situation and our response, we will take all necessary measures to protect and defend U.S. personnel, partners and allies in the region,”

They also added that, due to the dynamic nature of the situation, they will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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This response from the Iranians follows the murder of the Iranian General, Soleimani through a drone attack ordered by Donald Trump, president of the United States of America.

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