Burkina Faso President, Roch Kabore reportedly detained by the military

Reports indicated that, Roch Kabore, President of Burkina Faso has been held under siege by armed forces in a developing coup. According to authorities, the President is currently detained at a military camp by the military.

Search conducted at the Presidential residence in Ouagadougou shows signs of violent encounter as vehicles belonging to the Presidency were spotted with bullet holes and blood, confirming reports that, a coup has actually occurred against the earlier position of the government.

Recall that, several gunshots were heard from several military camps across the capitsl, Ouagadougou on Sunday breeding suspicions; many people thronged the streets in support of the mutineers.

However, the government quickly denied knowledge of a coup. The authorities said no institution was targeted and also went on to assure the citizens of a continuity of the Kabore regime.

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The developing situation now shows otherwise. Apart from the news about the detention of the president, local reports also say soldiers have surrounded state television’s headquarters with citizens awaiting a formal declaration.

Kindly stay tuned as we provide details on the development

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