Burkina Faso’s President, Christian Kaboré dissolves government

Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, President of Burkina Faso has dissolved the government amidst public protest against insecurity in the country. The country has seen continuous protest by the people against the government for its inability to deal with attacks from Jihadist.

An executive decree read out by General Secretary of the Government, Stephane Sanou made public, the dissolution. “The functions of the prime minister are terminated, the government is dissolved,” the presidential decree said, without clarifying when a head of government will be appointed.

Following the announcement by the government, Prime Minister Christophe Joseph-Marie Dabire announced his resignation on his official social media handles. “Today I presented my resignation letter to the President of Faso, His Excellency Mr. Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, who accepted it,” he wrote.

Dabire added that, “I would like to first thank the Head of State for the confidence placed in my humble person and for the high responsibilities he has entrusted me with, for 3 years. I also thank my compatriots and all the members of the Government for the accompanying me.”

“In the context of strong popular aspirations, I invite the Burkinabès, as a whole, to mobilize, to support the President of Faso and the new executive that will be established. I remain convinced that it is in a unity of action that we can meet the challenges faced by our country and our people. Long live Burkina Faso.” he concluded.

We will follow the development closely and provide the necessary updates as we receive them. Stay tuned.

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