Burkinabe youth celebrate young boy who destroyed French drone with a catapult

Live From Kaya – A young Burkinabe boy is being celebrated by the locals after he used a catapult to destroy a drone believed to belong to the French troops. According to a live update from Kaya city, the youth who are still at post to prevent the French troops from crossing to Niger sighted the drone which they claimed was being used to “spy” on them. Following the suspicion, the young boy grounded the drone. He is currently being celebrated widely.

According to our source in Kaya, the youth who started the protest since Thursday evening are still standing their grounds. Authorities tried to negotiate but they remain “inflexible.”  


Youth in the city of Kaya, Burkina Faso earlier blocked a French military convoy which was heading towards Niger with demands that the troops leave their country. “Kaya says to the French army to go home,” a handwritten placard held by a protester reads. The youth also demanded that the soldiers open their vehicles for them to check for what they termed “suspect items.”

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“We asked them to open their vehicles so that we have an idea of the contents,” a protester identified as Bassirou Ouedraogo told Reporters, adding that, “we know what is inside: suspect items.” According to monitored conversation as reported by Reuters, Burkinabe youth and those of other surrounding countries hold a general view that France is contributing to the crisis in the region by working with the jihadists whilst pretending to be fighting them.

According to reports, this position as widely shared by the youth was based on the fact that insecurity in the region keeps getting worse despite the presence of French soldiers. “We were demonstrating against insecurity, when we learned that from Côte d’Ivoire, a convoy of the French army was to cross Burkina Faso to Niger…We decided to blockade, because despite the agreements signed with France, we continue to record deaths,” a protestor told AFP.

As things stand now, French troops remain very unpopular among youth in the Sahel region and beyond. The current resistance sums up the agitation of the people against the idea of France maintaining military presence in Africa

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