“Can an African military plane fly over EU airspace?” Reactions as Mali ‘denied’ German military plane access

The decision by Mali’s military government to deny a German military plane with about 80 troops airspace access has drawn numerous reactions. The junta’s decision forced the An A400M Airbus to divert to Gran Canaria.

German authorities claimed the plane in question already took off from Wunstorf airbase in northern Germany, heading towards a German Military base in Niger when the order was issued by the Malian officials, restricting the flyover.

The government did not release any official statement, detailing the reasons for kicking the German plane out of its airspace; however, analysts expressed concerns since the incident occurred. According to some, no African military plane is allowed to fly pass European Airspace like they always do in Africa with impunity.

Despite the concerns, German defense ministry made an earlier claim that, an initial permission was sought; this position has not been confirmed by the authorities in Mali.

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Currently, Germany which is opposing the deployment of the Wagner has deployed about 1,200 troops to Mali as part of a peacekeeping mission.


Germany was part of the 15-member Western allies who earlier released a statement to slam the Malian military government for engaging Russia’s Wagner in the fight against insurgents in the country. The German Defense Minister equally passed comments about the operation of the junta with the EU announcing a possible sanction on Mali. This many political pundits believe may have informed the Junta’s decision.

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