Can’t African Leaders Defend Their People Without the West? Germany Debates to Deploy Troops to Africa

Two essential aspects of the progress of Africans and the continent of Africa which must never be undermined are the Economy and Security. These are two factors worthy of crucial examination assort from what the contemporary media offer.

No country can adequately address all types of plight it is faced with, nor is it equally expected of the States in Africa to be able to do so. However, the security status of a nation most be prioritized because it has direct implications on the general well-being of its people and progress if not placed on basic settings and scrutiny.

Over the years, war, conflicts, and terrorist activists continuously headlined news coming from the continent of Africa. Conversely, and as the continent’s leadership struggles to redefine the narratives about the continent, citizens are urged to question the increasing presence of foreign military troops across the Sahel in Africa.

African Countries Hosting Foreign Troops

The economic, security and political interests of many “powerful nations” have been argued as the motives behind such a move by mostly European Powers. The resources of the continent equally unquestionably remain a constant target for exploitation.

A German News Media – Deutsche Welle, recently reported that Germany’s parliament debates troop deployment to Africa’s Sahel. According to DW, German politicians largely agreed that Germany should play a broader role in the volatile Sahel region to improve security. The targeted countries in the Sahel region are, namely Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania. According to the Bundestag, and from the views held by the political circle in Germany, the deployment of military troops in Sahel Africa is a necessity for the improvement of security in the region.

Currently, there are several foreign base military troops in Africa. Djibouti at this moment has seven foreign military bases, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, the Federal Republic of Somalia among others are hosting foreign military bases mostly from their former colonial masters.

A Repetition of What Happened During Colonialism?

Apart from the pretext of security claims which these foreign nations use to establish military bases in Africa, they are equally accused of plunging the resources of their hosts to strengthen their economics. Similarly, and to also maintain political control over the continent, the Great Powers continue to create military bases to intervene in several matters of the continent.

Sadly, local African troops are usually used as foot soldiers in the operations of these foreign troops, as is currently happening in the AMISOM in Somalia and G5 Sahel Force. This significantly undermines the sovereignty of the host countries and Africa at large; sets the operative grounds for the continent’s recolonization in pursuit of European, Chicness, American and even Asian’s interest amid blatant human rights violation by the same troops.

In fact, and contrary to claims, the presence of foreign troops in the continent poses a serious military threat to the sovereignty of States in the region and political process. For example, in 2008, Tony Blair (for this open hatred for Robert Mugabe) threatened to invade Zimbabwe with US airbase in Botswana if the Mugabe government goes ahead with the land reclamation program.

Can’t African Leaders Defend Their People Without the West?

The primordial responsibility of a government anywhere in the world is to protect its people, lives, and protect and cater to its people’s welfare. The interdependent personality of the global order could not take away such a fundamental responsibility from sovereign governments.

The solution for any matter of the mystery of security in Africa does not lie in the foreign military interventions or the establishment of foreign military bases in the continent. Still, a task for all responsible governments to fulfill to its citizens.

At the same time, Germany and all European nations or so-called “Powerful Nations,” who equally bear a great responsibility of the status of the continent, must realize that they have no God-given responsibility to decide over such matters on the continent and no other!

As accurate as it remains, Germany is not responsible for protecting the African States and people.

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