Both US and EU always hold tech companies accountable; must the AU do same?

Today’s world has gone digital with many people depending on social and other online media platforms for almost everything; whilst some people use these platforms to do business by meeting potential customers, others use them for religious, educational, entertainment purposes by way of meeting new people, sharing information and having fun. Some equally depend on […]

Zimbabwean government threaten to repatriate US ambassador

The ruling Zanu Party of the Republic of Zimbabwe has referred to the United State’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nicholas as a diplomatic “Thug” in a recent address with reporters in the country. The incumbent government believes the US ambassador is in a way supporting the opposition party and is behind plots to remove the […]

We Will Conduct Coup on Whoever We Want, Deal with it – Tesla CEO Elon Musk

It could be recalled that the military head in Bolivia called on the then-president Evo Morales to step down from office in the year 2019; an order he heeded to by flying out of the country. This removal of the president was welcomed by the White House which stated that “Morales’s departure preserves democracy.” The […]

Akon set to launch World-class Artificial intelligence and Blockchain Education hub in Kenya

Akon set to launch World-class AI and Blockchain hub in Kenya Reports have it that, Senegalese-American singer, record producer and philanthropist, Aliaume  Badara Thiam popularly known as Akon is set to launch an ultra-modern Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain education hub in Kenya. The project themed the “Kenyan Opportunity Hub” (KOH), which is an investment instituted […]

W.H.O appoints Former Liberian President, Johnson Sirleaf to head COVID-19 evaluation Panel

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the appointment of Liberia’s former president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and New Zealand’s former prime minister to head a panel instituted to review the global response to Covid-19. WHO chief, Dr. Tedros stated that member states of the World Health Organization agreed that, WHO an independent and comprehensive evaluation […]

Decades of Revenue Losses in Africa; Who Saves the Continent?

It is irrefutably true that the world depends on Africa’s resource reserves for almost everything. Unfortunately, this much dependency on the continent does not translate into development or boost Africa’s revenue base. This is partly because we trade our resources at raw value instead of transforming the continent into a hub for refined products to […]

African Debt Crisis: How, Why and When?

If there is anything to be concerned about is Africa’s debt portfolio; by day, Africa’s debt is rising-the debt is rising at alarming rate-which threatens future development in Africa. According to Overseas Development Institute (ODI), “about 40% of sub-Saharan African countries are in danger of slipping into major debt crisis.” For several decades, debt to […]

Between Chinese Loans and Costly Eurobonds – Africa’s Future is Murky

Why Africa’s Growing Debt Is A Threat to Future Generation The number one wish of every true Pan-Africanist is to fight for a better future for Africa. Each of us wants to see a united Africa with competent leadership that will effectively combine transformational ideas with our resources to champion development-driven policies for the continent’s […]