Buhari condemns the adoption of the French-backed ECO by Francophone countries

Muhammadu Buhari, President of Africa’s economic giants Nigeria, has expressed his dissatisfaction towards an earlier decision taken by the West African Monetary and Economic Union (UEMOA) zone. President Buhari disclosed in a statement that, UEMOA’s decision to adopt the French-backed ECO as a replacement for CFA Franc ahead of other ECOWAS member states gives him […]

Wakanda City: $6 Billion contract awarded for construction to commence

The construction of the planned futuristic City initiated by the Senegalese-American superstar and philanthropist, Aliaume Badara Thiam, with stage name Akon is finally about to commence. The musician has announced to the general public that the contract for the construction of the much talked about Akon City has been awarded to a US-based engineering and […]

The Solution and Strategy for African Unity

Africa’s political structures and historical experiences are many such that they cannot result in being summarized in a single context. However, many contemporary political analysts have agreed in treating the continent under a single band in that the continent and its people are all victims of Western and Arabic colonial oppression, slavery, and imperialism in […]

Zambian Mayor shuts down Chinese restaurant for discriminating against citizens

A Chinese Restaurant named Latian Restaurant located in Longacres has been closed after reports emerged that the said restaurant was only allowing Chinese citizens in Zambia entry into the facility and denying Zambians from accessing it. The news which went viral attracted the attention of the Zambian authorities. The Mayor for Lusaka, Miles Sampa together […]