Equatorial Guinea to close embassy in London

Equatorial Guinea will close its diplomatic mission in London, the country’s foreign minister says. The move comes after Britain last week sanctioned the son of its president for misappropriating millions of dollars. “The first decision that the Malabo executive has taken is the total closure of our diplomatic headquarters in London,” Simeon Oyono Esono, the […]

Equatorial Guinea condemns UK’s ‘unilateral sanctions against its vice President

In a statement issued Saturday, the Equatorial Guinean authorities requested the removal of “unilateral and illegal” sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom for corruption against the president’s son. Teodoro Nguema Obiang, the vice president of Equatorial Guinea, was sanctioned by London for “misappropriation of public funds” and bribery that allowed him to live a luxurious […]

Today’s marriages baffle me; I feel for the next generation – Patience Ozokwor

Veteran Nigerian actress, Patience Ozokwor expressed her thoughts on the way and manner marriage is handled in this modern age; she stated that, today’s marriages baffle her and that she feels for the next generation. “What we have today baffles me and I feel for the children that they are giving birth to because I […]

Man narrates how he successfully manages poly relationship

From the adoption of means for a peaceful coexistence, dealing with negative public perception, to family resistance, a 39-year old young man named, Kevin Wesley narrates how he manages a polyamorous relationship with his queens.  Speaking on the balancing of his time with the two ladies, Kevin said, “we have found a system that works […]