Cuba deploys medical brigade to help South Africa fight coronavirus

The health giant, Cuba has deployed a medical brigade to assist South African health professionals in the fight against COVID-19 following a formal request from the South African government. The team of 217 health workers is made up of diverse expertise ranging from, community health experts, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, public health experts, general practitioners […]

Excursion To Africa: Yesterday Mali Created Today’s Mali

TODAY IN MALI Mali-is the only double triangular shaped nation in the world, located in West Africa sub-region, seventh in landmass size in Africa; a landlocked nation, its territory falls within two African great rivers, Niger and Senegal. To her North is Algeria, southeast is Niger; on southern border are Burkina Faso and Cote d’ […]

Excursion To Africa: We Are in Ghana

Ghana shares same name with one of the most powerful empires in Africa covering most parts of modern Mauritania and Mali. A great bridge between sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa centuries ago. However, today’s Ghana is a country with a unique story; a country of sixteen regions, home to the most precious and valuable-gold-abode to […]

Without Unity, Small Europe Couldn’t have Colonized Africa

Still cannot understand how this little continent with a smaller population than ours, colonized mother Africa and enslaved our great grandparents? You are not alone; many peoples, including the colonizers themselves, are wondering how was it done so perfect? Even today, we have still not been able to free ourselves. They continue to interfere in […]

Nigeria set to consider traditional medicine in fight against coronavirus

Nigeria prepares to make use of traditional medicine During a press conference in Legos on Tuesday 7th of April 2020, the Nigerian Health Minister, Osagie Ehanire disclosed the government’s plan to consider herbal medicine in the fight against coronavirus. According to him, the Federal government will investigate give all interested herbalist the opportunity to produce […]

Excursion To Africa: Let us Go to Eritrea

Have you ever wondered how big is Africa? Have you ever asked yourself how many people live in Africa? Have you ever asked how many ethnic nationalities are in Africa? Are you satisfied with everyday negative reports by western media on Africa? Is anything good in or about Africa? Or just a bunch of uncivilized […]

Nigeria has more than 4000 doctors in the US & 5000 in the UK alone

A major problem that Africa has been suffering from over the years is the high rate of brain drain that takes highly competent personnel in important areas from the continent to foreign countries, making their service very scarce in their respective countries. A report released by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation revealed that African countries footed […]

8-year-old young African wins US honorary certificate for high intelligence

Maame Akua Aseda Manukure was presented with a certificate of honor by authorities of Trinity Elementary School in New Rochelle, USA following her display of excellence bypassing all seven subjects with exceeding scores. According to Mr. Hilderbrand, the Principal of the school, “her outstanding performance in the 3rd-grade exams placed her as the first Ghanaian […]

A study reveals how legalizing marijuana could increase Sex rate

According to a new study published in the Journal of Health Economics, people in states were Marijuana has been legalized are more active in sex than in those that are not. Researchers that carried out the study looked at states where medical marijuana laws have been implemented between 2005 and 2014 and state that did not, […]

19-year-old Ghanaian university student builds search engine to rival Google

A teenage university student in Ghana built a search engine in 2017, that he believes can rival arguably the most used and known search engine in the world, Google. Gabriel Opare, who is in level 300 and studying sociology at the Ghanaian University hopes his new search engine, which he calls Mudclo, can challenge the […]