Three Nigerian Students Win Global Cloud and Artificial Intelligence Competition

Three Nigerian students from the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) have been crowned winners of the global cloud and artificial intelligence competition organized by Huawei Technologies. The contest saw the participation of 150,000 students coming from 82 countries and a total of 2000 universities across the world. According to a statement by the the university’s vice […]

Meet 9-year-old Nigerian genius who built over 30 mobile games

Basil Okpara, a nine (9) year old Nigerian genius, became an online sensation after drawing inspiration from his father to build over 30 mobile games using a free programming application that provides a wide variety of features. The app allows users to create animations, games, or stories. Father of the tech sensation was very supportive […]

WAEC 2020: Out of the 465 West African students who scored 8As, 411 are Ghanaians

Ghana has made history in the 2020 West African Examination as the statistics shows that, out of a total number of 465 students who scored 8As, 411 of them were Ghanaian students; an achievement which was celebrated by the President and educational authorities in the country. WAEC examination which is considered one of the toughest […]

Meet the man who wrote the first-ever Ph.D. thesis in Shona language to “decolonize minds”

Zimbabwean writer and storyteller, Ignatius Tirivangani Mabasa has set a historical record after successfully writing the first-ever ChiShona Ph.D. thesis at Rhodes University. According to him, the decision to write the thesis in his native Zimbabwean language was informed by certain perspectives; first, to put a stop to the perpetuating of colonial discourses, fight the […]