Meet the man who wrote the first-ever Ph.D. thesis in Shona language to “decolonize minds”

Zimbabwean writer and storyteller, Ignatius Tirivangani Mabasa has set a historical record after successfully writing the first-ever ChiShona Ph.D. thesis at Rhodes University. According to him, the decision to write the thesis in his native Zimbabwean language was informed by certain perspectives; first, to put a stop to the perpetuating of colonial discourses, fight the […]

One of the Greatest Pan-African songs of all time by Youssou Ndour recorded 25 years ago

In the African social construct especially among the people of ancient Mali; griots or traditional musicians played crucial roles in educating the masses about the history of the land, motivating warriors and even tutoring future leaders. Some of the roles played by ancient griots had been adopted by many of our postcolonial musicians who bravely […]

We have been equipped with skills and ethos to leap Africa forward – Ousman Touray

Ousman Touray, the young Pan-Africanist who made headlines last year after a video of him passionately expressing an optimistic vision about Africa and the potentials of the continent has left a very impactful message following his graduation from the University of The Gambia.   In a message which reflects an advice to his colleagues, an appreciation […]

DRC born Debora Kayembe elected as first black rector of University of Edinburgh

Debora whose duty starts from the first of March 2021 will replace the School’s former rector, Ann Henderson. She has made history as the first black person to assume such position since the establishment of the institution. Commenting on her election, Debora said that, “It’s been just a rollercoaster, everywhere. Everywhere, the reaction. There is […]

Meet the woman helping African businesses through her Association of African Startups

One major challenge for budding and already existing businesses is how to finance, scale up and operate with the required strategies to sustain their activities affront the rough market realities in Africa. These challenges caused a lot of businesses to fold-up with the owners losing their hard earned investments. To help support and protect small […]

Outrage as Senegalese best student goes missing in France

The news of the brilliant Senegalese young lady who went missing in France mysteriously has so far triggered concerns in her home country and Africa at large.  The 20-year-old Jiary Sow who won prestigious awards in Senegal after emerging the most brilliant student among her year colleagues was granted a national scholarship to study in […]

First African woman to win the Prize for Engineering Innovation

The field of engineering is considered a male-dominated one as many women shy away from its technicalities but the 21st-century women are gradually making efforts to change such a narrative. Our woman of focus today is a typical example. The 26-year old Ivorian young lady who is based in Ghana, Charlette N’Guessan just broke the […]

Meet 12-year old Nigeria kid who discovered historic Mathematical formula

Black excellence has just gotten a further boost as a twelve-year-old Nigerian kid, based in the United Kingdom just made a historic discovery. The young genius who identifies as Chika Ofili has discovered a groundbreaking mathematical formula which makes the teaching and learning of the subject much easier. Chika’s discovery proved that, if one takes […]