After Five Centuries of Servitude, Still Europe Is Not Satisfied

How Europe Milked Africa for Five Centuries; Still Europe Is Not Satisfied. A-332-years of continuous raids on Africa for slaves; caused depopulation; deprived Africa of biologically strong men and women shipped out to the Americas. Africa lost its productive population between the age 10 to 40 years. Large-scale murders from annexation and occupation of African […]

Buhari condemns the adoption of the French-backed ECO by Francophone countries

Muhammadu Buhari, President of Africa’s economic giants Nigeria, has expressed his dissatisfaction towards an earlier decision taken by the West African Monetary and Economic Union (UEMOA) zone. President Buhari disclosed in a statement that, UEMOA’s decision to adopt the French-backed ECO as a replacement for CFA Franc ahead of other ECOWAS member states gives him […]

Marcelo honors George Floyd by taking a knee after scoring a goal

Real Madrid and Brazilian star, Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior, just demonstrated a true sportsmanship during his club’s debut match since coronavirus forced the closure of all sports activities. The award-winning defender took a knee in honor of George Floyd and also as a support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) after scoring the third […]

Italian club Brescia prevents Balotelli from training with his colleagues

The football break is over and footballers are expected to return to training in preparation for the re-opening of the league. Many teams have already started training, including Balotelli’s Italian club Brescia. However, reports have it that, Mario Balotelli has been prevented by securities from joining his colleagues at the training ground for the following […]

Statue of the Belgian King who took the lives of millions of Africans pulled down

The resolve of Black Lives Matter movement is not breaking any time soon. The revolutionary movement has been taking strong actions and making lots of demands in their quest to end the long-standing racial discrimination against the black race across the world. Since the George Floyd incident, the movement has been pulling down all symbols […]