Italian club Brescia prevents Balotelli from training with his colleagues

The football break is over and footballers are expected to return to training in preparation for the re-opening of the league. Many teams have already started training, including Balotelli’s Italian club Brescia. However, reports have it that, Mario Balotelli has been prevented by securities from joining his colleagues at the training ground for the following […]

Statue of the Belgian King who took the lives of millions of Africans pulled down

The resolve of Black Lives Matter movement is not breaking any time soon. The revolutionary movement has been taking strong actions and making lots of demands in their quest to end the long-standing racial discrimination against the black race across the world. Since the George Floyd incident, the movement has been pulling down all symbols […]

The Westerners: What do they mean when they say Africa is overpopulated?

For quite some time now, any time the topic of overpopulation comes to the fore, many people automatically think about Africa due to the consistency with which the media has associated the continent with that narrative. Why not Europe? UK’s Prince Williams once said, “Africa’s rapidly growing human population is predicted to more than double […]

UK pedophiles disguised as philanthropist only to sexually abuse poor African children

Evidence and findings of recent studies indicate that sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children in Africa is a growing phenomenon across the continent in the face of sex tourism. This sexual abuse and exploitation of children in Africa by British and other European tourists who disguised themselves as philanthropists or friends of the […]

Labour candidate suggests a referendum to abolish the British Monarchy

The British monarch is one of the few surviving monarchs in the 21st century in spite of Britain playing key roles in ending many others around the world. However, Norwich South MP and Labour leadership candidate Clive Lewis has made a rare call for a referendum on abolishing the monarchy in the UK as crises […]

Pope Francis apologizes for slapping a woman’s hand

A scene captured on video at the Vatican’s nativity on Tuesday night shows Pope Francis slap repeatedly, the hand of a pilgrim who grabbed his hand as he navigated his way from greeting a child among the pilgrims. The 83-year-old was visibly annoyed after the woman grabbed his hand. The identity of the woman is […]