Mere apologies not enough for slavery – Chairman of Reparations Commission

Chairman of the Caribbean Reparations Commission, Sir Hilary Beckles disclosed in an interview that mere apologies are not enough for the atrocious and brutish treatments people and nations were subjected to during slavery which sent some countries centuries behind the pace of development. His comment follows the emerging act of major institutions coming out to […]

10 most influential Africans, 2019

For the past years, some Africans have distinguished themselves in contributing to the growth and progress of the continent in their unique ways. From the investment aspects, through the building of the new African ideology, the promotion of the continent’s cultural values, among many others. We have taken time to identify and appreciate the effort […]

How many countries would be in Africa today if Europeans had not made the artificial boundaries?

Africa has always been the last STOP OR TERMINUS for all European powers; for over four thousand years-ancient powers before Europeans-Assyrians, Media/Persian, Babylonians, Greece, and Rome continuously made Africa a focal point for their survival-economically, politically, militarily and otherwise. Just like previous powers’ survival instincts brought them to Africa, modern European nations followed suit-from 15th century onward seven […]

As long as I’m president, same-sex marriage will never happen – Vladimir Putin

Russian President, Vladimir Putin stated unequivocally that, as long as he remains president, gay marriage will never happen in Russia. He made this comment on Thursday in a meeting with state commission. Putin was the chair of the meeting which was held to help look at the new proposed amendments to the Russian constitution. In […]

Respect Africa’s decision on homosexuality, Speaker tells World Bank

The current speaker of Ghana’s parliament, Professor Mike Oquaye, has called on the World Bank and the developed world to recognize the unique values of the much cherished African culture. In a conversation with the World Bank country director, Pierre Frank Laporte, the speaker posited that, “The World Bank should dissociate itself from some of […]

BOB MARLEY: The Man who risked it all for the liberation of all Africa

Robert Nesta Marley, popularly known as, Bob Marley in the music scene was a Jamaican musician cum songwriter and one of the pioneers of reggae music. Aside the entertainment side of his musical career, he was one of the few people who used their lyrics to impact society positively. Although He was a Jamaican, throughout […]

Abuse of religion in Africa; an underrated hindrance to our development

The fact is irrefutable that, religion has its role to play in national development. Apart from serving as the vehicle with which we transport our cultural values from one generation to the other, solidify and sustain them, we can equally create a better society with the infusion of positive doctrines that preaches good morals, which […]