African Union holds discussions with Madagascar over COVID-19 herbal medicine

Finally, the African Union (AU) is doing what many expected of the body for a long time. According to a release sighted on the official website of the African Union, the body is said to be in discussions with Madagascar over the newly discovered herbal remedy for COVID-19. The country was contacted through its embassy […]

Tanzania to order COVID-organics herbal medicine from Madagascar – John Magufuli

The Tanzania head of state, John Pombe Magufuli disclosed that his government will soon be sending a plane to Madagascar to bring the newly discovered herbal remedy for COVID-19. Speaking on TV, the President revealed that, “I am communicating with Madagascar, and they have already written a letter saying they have discovered some medicine.” He […]

Nigeria may soon order a planeload of COVID-organics – Secretary to the govt

Secretary to the government of the federation, Boss Gidahyelda Mustapha on Tuesday disclosed during a press briefing that, Nigeria may soon import a plane full of the newly discovered COVID-19 herbal medicine in Madagascar. “I was reading of the experiences in Madagascar– of why everybody is drinking some solutions that have been prepared. This morning […]

Mass Production of COVID-ORGANICS commences in Madagascar

Madagascar has commenced the production of the newly discovered coronavirus herbal medicine on a large scale to help meet the emerging demand. The President of Madagascar, President Andry Rajoelina officially announced the discovery of this traditional remedy for the deadly coronavirus which has defied almost every treatment and killed many people. According to the President […]

DRC President congratulates Madagascar for discovering COVID-19 herbal medicine

Madagascar is finally courting the support many well-meaning Africans have been calling for since the country discovered and launched a possible COVID-19 traditional medicine. Initially, there was no support from African leaders which baffled a lot of Pan-Africanists. Many refer to this lack of support for each other as the main reason the continent has […]

Cuba deploys medical brigade to help South Africa fight coronavirus

The health giant, Cuba has deployed a medical brigade to assist South African health professionals in the fight against COVID-19 following a formal request from the South African government. The team of 217 health workers is made up of diverse expertise ranging from, community health experts, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, public health experts, general practitioners […]

Why is WHO and the media defaming Madagascar’s traditional medicine without any scientific assessment?

The Media and the World Health Organization have since been accomplices to the establishment that promotes both white supremacy and black inferiority. The warlords have started striking already. They have finally decided to join the conversation regarding COVID-ORGANICS, the Madagascan traditional medicine for coronavirus, and the result and impression came out as expected. NEGATIVE. What […]

Senegalese President congratulates Madagascar, orders herbal medicine

Madagascar has since been facing intense criticisms after Andry Rajoelina, president of the country officially announced that his country has found a traditional remedy for the deadly coronavirus which has defied almost every treatment and killed many people. According to the President and the health officials, the local medicine which has been named COVID-Organics produces […]

East African Road Network: Mombasa-Lunga-Horohoro/Tanga Pangani-Bagamoyo Road

These four major roads will transform entire East African corridor into economic hub or powerhouse of the great lake region of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo as they have revived Bantu brotherhood of collective or communal life, which the 1885 Berlin partition or artificial boundaries destroyed. Even the faraway […]