Queen Nzinga: 50 Cent and co to produce series based on African warrior queen

Rapper Curtis James Jackson, known popularly as 50 Cent has announced plans to co-produce a historical series telling the story of a 17th century African warrior queen called “Queen Nzinga” who ruled over the Ndongo and Matamba kingdoms, currently located in present day Southern African country, Angola. The young girl who inherited the throne following […]

Africans haven’t fully entered into history nor the future – Sarkozy’s unforgivable comment

Despite enduring colonialism, post-colonial Africa has suffered from racist and demeaning structures, policies and comments over the years; a typical example is Hugh Trevor-Roper, a European historian who held the view in mid-17th century that, there was no African history to teach. In modern times, former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy repeated similar sentiment. The racist […]

Failure of J&J’s HIV v.acc!ne trial in Africa raises major concerns

The recent failure of experimental HIV vaccine produced by American Multinational drugmaker Johnson & Johnson in Sub-Saharan African countries raises major concerns. According to claims by the company, the decision to withdraw the experiment themed “Imbokodo” was based on a record low efficacy rate. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and […]

Caribbean community partners with African countries to demand reparations

Member states of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) have announced plans to partner with African countries to demand reparation from the countries that masterminded slavery for their benefit. According to the plan which the community revealed recently, the two sides will hold formal talks on how to gather irrefutable evidence with which to […]

Barbados removes Queen Elizabeth as their Head of State, effective November 2021

For many years now, the independence of the Island of Barbados, an eastern Caribbean country with estimated population of about 280,000 people has been a subject for discussion. On paper, the country attained independence from Britain in the year 1966, however, the Queen remained its constitutional Monarch till date. The conversation ranged from the likes […]

Rio de Janeiro reveals massive mural commemorating black civil rights heroes

Rio de Janeiro reveals a massive mural commemorating black civil rights heroes. Brazilian artist ACME dedicated a 360 square meter mural in the port area of Rio de Janeiro. The mural “Visions of Resistance, Dreams of Liberty” depicts African-American and Brazilian figures who have played a role in the history of the American and Brazilian […]

1994 AFCON: Nigerian government finally allocates houses to winning team

The Nigerian government has finally approved the long-term promised to reward winners of the 1994 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) with houses. It could be recalled that the country’s military ruler Sani Abacha promised the team goodies including a house as a reward for each of the squad members and officials but only a few […]

Namibian Traditional Leaders reject $1.3 billion Compensation from Germany

Some of the key traditional leaders in Namibia have rejected the financial offer from Germany purported to compensate the country for the mass killing of over 65,000 Namibians during the German colonial rule. According to Namibian Newspaper, the New Era, some chiefs who were initially part of the negotiation have strongly opposed the deal, arguing […]