Church of England to return two looted Benin Bronzes

The Church of England which is in possession of some looted Benin Bronzes has promised to return them to Nigeria following growing pressure for the repatriation of these historical objects which were stolen during slavery. According to claims by a spokeswoman of Lambeth Palace, the objects were gifted to Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie almost […]

Inspirational story of Salif Keita, the Golden Voice of Africa

Salif Keita, also known as the golden voice of Africa was born in Mali on August 25th, 1949. In spite of a noble lineage tracing back to Sundiata Keita, the 13th-century founder of the Malian empire, Salif Keita grew up in royal affluence but in a poor farming household. It came as a shock to […]

France owes Rwanda an apology – PLO Lumumba reacts to damning report

Renowned Kenyan professor and Pan-Africanist, Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba has stated that, French government must render an apology to the people of Rwanda. “The French Government owe the People of Rwanda an unequivocal apology now that the French Commission has established their complicity in the 1994 Genocide.” He wrote on his official Facebook page. The […]

Rwanda 1994: France bears ‘overwhelming’ responsibility – report says

A historical commission established to probe the role of French forces in the devastating 1994 Rwandan genocide which saw the grand massacre of 800,000 people concluded that, “blind” France bears overwhelming responsibility. The 15-member commission which was made up of historians including experts with experience on the Holocaust, the massacres of Armenians in World War […]

Why return artifacts, sculptures, but not the looted gold, diamonds and other resources?

The admission of outright theft of over 500 historical objects including 440 bronzes by the British and the commitment to repatriate such to Nigeria has triggered a whole different conversation. Africans worldwide have shared their views on the development; whilst some called on Berlin to include the revenue generated by those objects from the time […]

One of the Greatest Pan-African songs of all time by Youssou Ndour recorded 25 years ago

In the African social construct especially among the people of ancient Mali; griots or traditional musicians played crucial roles in educating the masses about the history of the land, motivating warriors and even tutoring future leaders. Some of the roles played by ancient griots had been adopted by many of our postcolonial musicians who bravely […]