Germany set to pay Namibia $1.3bn for Colonial-era Genocide

Germany has officially recognized colonial-era genocide which saw the death of thousands of Namibians and is set to make amends. According to a release by the German authorities, €1.1 billion has been set aside to support descendants of the victims with some used for developmental projects. The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in a […]

Germany is set to make amends for colonial atrocities in Namibia

German authorities have revealed that the country is almost close to making amends with Namibia over the mass killing of thousands of people during its colonial rule in the Southern African country. This was announced by the spokeswoman of the German Foreign Ministry, Andrea Sasse who had an encounter with reporters in Berlin. Initial bilateral […]

How the British once Proposed Kenya as the State of Israel for the Jews

The British once considered the idea of expropriating land in Western Kenya to settle the Jews in order to help the Zionists escape the growing prejudice against them in Europe. As early as 1902, Colonial Secretary, Joseph Chamberlain identified the resettlement land in Kenya whilst on a tour in East-Africa. At the time, Kenya was […]

“Igba Boi”: The scheme that creates billionaires among Igbo people of Nigeria

Africa as a continent has diverse and beautiful cultures. Fortunately for us, our unique differences have held us together in most cases over the years. Within the context of these beautiful cultures lies certain features or practices that promotes unity and collective growth. As we advocate for a united and very productive continent, we deem […]

Malian woman gives birth to Nonuplets, five girls and four boys

Health authorities in Mali have revealed that a 25-year-old woman who was earlier flown to Morocco gave birth to Nonuplets on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. The set of nine children was made up of five girls and four boys. The Malian health Minister, Fanta Siby said in a statement that, “the newborns and the mother […]

Germany Set To Return Looted Benin Bronzes Back To Nigeria

The colonial era was recorded with many inhumane treatments of Africans, of which some may be unprintable. Some damages included the forceful exportation or what some would call looting of the precious artifacts. These artifacts are beyond just artwork; they have become part of our culture as a people. There has been a serious call […]

We were outsiders on foreign lands; we can’t be outsiders in Africa – Juliet Ryan

A community made up of African descendants from Europe, America, and the Caribbean who reside in the Gambia is calling on authorities, especially President Adama Barrow to grant them the needed recognition, rights, and privileges as all other citizens of The Gambia. During a recent meeting organized to discuss citizenship, development and investment opportunities in […]

Church of England to return two looted Benin Bronzes

The Church of England which is in possession of some looted Benin Bronzes has promised to return them to Nigeria following growing pressure for the repatriation of these historical objects which were stolen during slavery. According to claims by a spokeswoman of Lambeth Palace, the objects were gifted to Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie almost […]

Inspirational story of Salif Keita, the Golden Voice of Africa

Salif Keita, also known as the golden voice of Africa was born in Mali on August 25th, 1949. In spite of a noble lineage tracing back to Sundiata Keita, the 13th-century founder of the Malian empire, Salif Keita grew up in royal affluence but in a poor farming household. It came as a shock to […]