The Solution and Strategy for African Unity

Africa’s political structures and historical experiences are many such that they cannot result in being summarized in a single context. However, many contemporary political analysts have agreed in treating the continent under a single band in that the continent and its people are all victims of Western and Arabic colonial oppression, slavery, and imperialism in […]

Police in America are looting black bodies – Trevor Noah

South African Comedian and political commentator Trevor Noah made a wild statement in a video on his official Facebook page that the fundamental thing happening now is that police in America are looting black bodies. His comment follows the recent George Floyd incident, which led to an outburst in the United States where it occurred […]

Coronavirus: Another 1984 Replay

AGAIN: It has Begun Coronavirus has gone beyond medical issues, at least for now; it has assumed a new dimension, political and racial tension. The world health watchdog organization, World Health Organization (WHO) under its current director-general, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has come under attack from United States, specifically, from the POTUS, who accused the […]

How did the “hopeful” Barack Obama loss his popularity among African youths

In 2008, from CapeTown to Cairo, Nairobi to Lagos, portraits in streets and T-shirts of the face of a man whose presidential victory marked the realization of the “prophecy” or the dream of Martin Luther King: “I have a dream”, was visible everywhere and sang on radios and televisions even in remote villages, throughout the […]

Without Unity, Small Europe Couldn’t have Colonized Africa

Still cannot understand how this little continent with a smaller population than ours, colonized mother Africa and enslaved our great grandparents? You are not alone; many peoples, including the colonizers themselves, are wondering how was it done so perfect? Even today, we have still not been able to free ourselves. They continue to interfere in […]

Why a total lock-down in Africa may increase crime rate

The rate at which coronavirus is proliferating in Africa is very high. Following this surge in figures over the past few weeks, many including experts are proposing a total lockdown as the best ever solution to help tame the virus. Their concerns may, however, be genuine medically but they failed to consider social factors that […]