Alpha Conde, President of Guinea Conakry has been arrested by security forces

Alpha Conde, the 83-year-old President of Guinea Conakry has been reportedly arrested by security forces. Last year, Alpha Conde changed the constitution of Guinea Conakry to be re-elected for a third term in a very chaotic election. Guinea Conakry’s Coup: Mamady Doumboya the Commander of Guinea’s Special Forces just released a statement on national TV […]

I’m not a spy, Mafia groups are out to discredit me; South African-Chinese lawmaker

Xiaomei Havard, the Chinese immigrant turned lawmaker in South Africa has denied an intelligent report which accused her of being a spy who shares classified government information with the Chinese communist party. “I have never supplied any intelligence information to any Chinese intelligence agencies. I even do not know who those Chinese intelligence agencies are.” […]

South Africa: ANC Chinese lawmaker accuse of spying for the Chinese government

Chinese immigrant, Xiaomei Havard who was appointed as a lawmaker in South Africa’s parliament has been accused of a “high likelihood” of being a spy, sharing classified government information with the Chinese communist party. The accusations started after a security report investigating the claims was made public.  Commenting on the issue, Sibusiso Mnchwabe, ATM’s spokesperson […]

China’s pledge to help Nigeria fight “Modern Day Slavery” met with criticism

The recent revelation by Nigeria-based Chinese Cultural Counselor, Mr. Li Xuda of the Chinese government’s readiness to help Nigeria to fight against what he described as modern-day slavery has since been stepping on the nerves of many netizens. It would be recalled that, during the recent program held in Abuja to commemorate International Day for […]

First group of Afghan evacuees arrives in Uganda

Afghan evacuees arrive in Uganda, where they will be given temporary refuge, government and diplomatic officials say. Uganda reached an agreement with the United States last week to receive 2,000 Afghanistan refugees following a total takeover of the country by the Taliban fighters. “The Government of the Republic of Uganda this morning received Fifty One […]

‘No Zambian Will Sleep Hungry’ Hichilema vows as he assumes office

On Tuesday, Hakainde Hichilema was sworn in as President of Zambia, pledging to turn around the country’s ailing economy and to provide “true freedom” to all of his fellow citizens. The erstwhile perennial opponent, who promised a “new dawn in Zambia” in an early morning tweet, was sworn in in front of thousands of ecstatic […]

Ethiopia creates homemade social media platform to rival Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp

The Ethiopian government has announced that homemade social media platforms are being created to rival global companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. The decision follows accusations that these platforms have acted against national interest through the deletion of posts and pages that are “disseminating the true reality about Ethiopia” and those “preaching national […]

US government declares Guinea-Bissau’s former army chief wanted, offers $5m reward

The United States government has declared wanted, Guinea-Bissau’s former head of armed forces and one-time coup leader, General Antonio Indjai with a $5 million reward announced for anyone who will provide reliable information leading to his arrest. According to a 2013 indictment report, a secret agent from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was set […]