Descendants of West African slaves fight to defend their lands in the US

The age-long tradition where properties belonging to West African slaves are passed down generations is under attack as properties of residents in Black communities in South Carolina are confiscated and sold for ridiculous reasons, wrecking many black families apart. These properties, land especially were all legally acquired by these people and owned in common due […]

How I almost got denied a US Green Card after admitting polygamy

Growing up in a Polygamy Household  Growing up in West Africa, my dad has two wives whom I both love and cherish equally. Our family is big and I have 13 siblings, we all love each other as brothers and sisters.  Like many other families in my country, we would all eat together as a […]

Ghana will survive on local produce if EU refuses to give loans – Lawmaker

Honorable Sam George, a Ghanaian lawmaker among the many standing bold against plans of the European Union to push LGBTQIA+ down the throats of Ghanaians has said that, Ghanaians will feed on local produce if the EU refuses to give them financial support following the rejection of the practice in the country.  “The president and […]

Fix your electoral problems before you give us lectures; Ugandan government to US

Spokesperson for the Ugandan Government, Mr. Ofwono Opondo has called on the government of the United States to focus on and resolve issues of electoral fraud in their own backyard before meddling in their affairs. “In the meantime, the US government better fix its own elections where, according to President Donald Trump, even the dead […]

Ghana: Lawmaker demands repatriation of foreign diplomats as securities shut-down LBGTQIA+ office

Ghana: Lawmakers demands repatriation of foreign diplomats as securities shut-down LBGTQIA+ office Current updates on this development is that the country’s securities shut down an LGBTQIA+ office illegally created in Accra following calls from religious bodies, politicians, a considerable number of Ghanaian citizens and civil society organizations. Prior to the closure, the Ghana Catholic Bishops […]

Uganda To Sue Kenya Over Exports Blockade

Officials in Uganda have expressed frustration over the economic restriction placed on its product by its neighbor, Kenya, and have threatened to sue in the East African Court of Justices if the matter is not harmoniously resolved by the end of this week. State Minister for East African Affairs, Julius Maganda, revealed that Uganda “has […]

Third-term uncertainty in Senegal, Pan-African opposition leader accused of sexual assault

Senegal’s Presidential election is due for 2024. However, the battle lines between Ousmane Sonko, who was in 2019 the youngest of the candidates in the Presidential elections, and incumbent President Macky Sall have already been long drawn.  President Macky Sall has since his reelection, remained mute over speculations that he may contest for the third […]