West Africa Provides Sanctuary For Lebanese but Lebanon is a Hell For African Girls

Across the streets in West Africa, the presence of Lebanese is felt everywhere especially in the business sector. They were highly welcomed to settle and operate businesses in this accommodating ecosphere thus found successes in a huge market population. While historians are inconclusive about the history of the arrival of the Lebanese in West Africa, […]

Coordinate African countries and deal with Mauritius oil spill – PLO Lumumba to AU

Renowned Pan-Africanist, Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba has waged into the current happening in Mauritius. The scholar stated that, “African Union should urgently coordinate all African Countries to help Mauritius grapple with the devastating oil spill.” The breakdown of a Japanese-owned bulk oil carrier Merchant Vessel, Wakashio has spilled over 1,000 tonnes of fuel into the […]

The Gambian Justice Minister Who Sued Myanmar at UN Court Resigned For a UN Job

The minister who is seen by many as the man who reforms Gambia’s justice sector resigned for a job in the United Nations. Resignation of a Minister was uncommon during the “Jammeh administration,” as some top government officials would prefer to flee out of the Country than to tender resignation. Since the departure of its […]

China calls racial discrimination in the U.S. a social ill, Urges the government to end it

The Chinese Ministry for Foreign Affairs in a recent press briefing on Monday, June 1st, urged the government of the United States of America to deal with the long-lasting issue of Racial discrimination in the country. A spokesperson for the ministry, Zhao Lijian, told reporters that Racial discrimination against minority groups is a chronic sickness […]

New India citizens law excluding Muslims courses Wide-spread protest

Following the passing of a bill by the Indian government, which didn’t seem to cater for the Muslim minority, a series of serious protests has been taking place all over the country in reaction to the controversial citizenship law. Muslims are a minority in India and have long complained about the in-equal treatment they receive […]

Kenya’s Kenneth Mburu wins Taipei marathon

Kenya’s Kennet Mburu Mungara has won the 2019 Taipei Marathon of the men’s division on Sunday. According to the race results published on the event’s website, Mburu completed the race with a time of 2 hours, 14 minutes and 54 seconds, In the female champion, Kenyan Antonina Kwambai, came in at 2 hours, 31 minutes […]

China turns 70 ‘no force can shake great nation’ warns XI

As The republic of China celebrates its 70th anniversary communist rule and rise to super power status , XI has warned that no amount of pressure can shake the great nation. The celebrations were marred by a military parade demonstration of the country’s technology, and a firm statement from the President Xi Jinping. The meticulously […]

Barack Obama Failed West Papuans when he was President!

A new Revolution in West Papua has been reborn and Inspired by Indonesians racist attacks calling West Papuans “Monyets” (Monkeys). West Papuan Protesters are now wearing monkey masks giving birth to the monkeys revolution with a chant “you have oppressed us for more than 55 years and still we arise.” Papuans have suffered way too […]