Ethiopia puts satellites in space joining other African nations

There is a growing list of African nations with a Satellite in space with Ethiopia becoming the latest to have one placed there. The sub-Saharan state on Friday launched its first satellite into space, joining the list of other sub-Saharan nations striving to develop space programs to advance their development goals and encourage scientific innovation. […]

Africa will define the future… Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The owner and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey had a good time exploring the continent to meet especially with entrepreneurs who are making good use of technology in their various business ventures. During his recent one month trip to Africa, he visited countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Ethiopia. Observing the trend of happenings […]

Made in Africa: Rwanda Hosts First African Smartphone Company

The notorious “Rwanda Genocide” between 7 April and 15 July 1994 is probably, the trademark of the Central/Eastern African nation, The Republic of Rwanda. This is not however, until the arrival of one of the greatest visionary leader of contemporary leadership in the continent, Paul Kagame. Regardless of its past, Rwanda has registered tremendous progress […]

Rwanda approves Nuclear deal with Russia

Rwanda has approved an agreement with Russia to advance the use of nuclear energy for “peaceful purposes.” This step is anticipated to strengthen relations between the two countries. This took place ahead of the first ever Russia-African Forum which is to take place next week in the city of Sochi, Russia in which President Paul […]