Celebrations hit Guinea’s capital, Conakry over the removal of Alpha Conde

The military removal of Guinea’s Alpha Conde has taken a different twist as massive celebrations hit the streets of the national capital Conakry. Under some circumstances, the premature removal of elected leaders attracts some form of solidarity but Conde’s term is different.

Whilst ECOWAS and the African Union condemns the coup, a series of videos in reports from local media outlets show scores of people trooping to the streets in support of Colonel Doumbouya and his military team for successfully ousting the 83-year-old.

Explaining the reasons behind their jubilation, the celebrants widely based their justification on claims of economic hardship and abuse of power during the now dissolved regime of the former President.

“We are here to show our joy because we suffered a lot over time. With time God showed us someone who is more powerful than him (Alpha Condé). Above all, it is patience, we have been patient,” a resident told reporters.

Conde’s removal is not the first to attract such reaction; the same trend was observed after the coup which saw the overthrow of Mali’s Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta who was arrested by the military.

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