Central African Republic’s new Prime Minister vows to renew ties with France

Central African Republic’s newly appointed Prime Minister Henri-Marie Dondra has vowed to renew ties with Paris and depend on France, European Union amidst  economic and security sanctions.

Whilst African youth are generally mounting serious campaigns against over dependence on these so called powerful countries, the Prime minister who heads a country rich in Diamond and Gold has revealed a fresh plan suggesting that a reliance on France, the European Union and other foreign donors is the way forward to resolving the country’s economic challenges .

In a recent encounter with the press, the Prime Minister said “there are reforms that we must pursue with our French partners.” He added that, “I am also thinking of the European Union (…) the international community and obviously our strategic partner France, and other partners will allow us to revive the economy.”

Even though the Central African Republic was a former French colony, over the past few years, there has been a battle between France and Russia over influence in the country. Russia penetrated the country mainly in 2018 with security support in the form of weapons, installation of hundreds of instructors, training of troops to help them deal with insecurity.

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According to the French government, Russia’s influence undermines their longstanding relationship with them. “A number of commitments made by the Central African authorities vis-à-vis France have not been kept,” France said. In effect, they withdrew French troops and also cut budgetary support to a tune of $12.18 million whilst accusing the country’s authorities of failure to stop an alleged Russian fueled “massive disinformation campaign” against Paris.

Henri-Marie Dondra who was named new Prime Minister after Firmin Ngrebada, the former prime minister resigned along with his entire cabinet has however promised to make amends with France.

Political analysts reveal that the country’s former Prime Minister . Roland Marchal, a researcher at the Center for International Research told reporters that, “Firmin Ngrebada was the Russians’ man, the brain, the political actor of the connection.” Many hold the view that the new appointment was a strategy by President Touadéra to appease France.

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