Chadian army chant victory songs over defeat of North-based rebel group

Chadian military under the leadership of General Mahamat Idriss Déby, son of the deceased President of the country took to the streets of N’Djamena on Sunday, May 9th, 2021 to chant songs of victory claiming defeat over the north-rebel group.

This follows weeks of battle with the insurgent group which identifies as the Front pour l’Alternance et la Concorde au Tchad (FACT); FACT was the same group responsible for the death of the former president, Idriss Déby who joined the military on the battlefield.

The army personnel deployed for the battle against this rebel group have since returned home with bystanders in the capital city N’Djamena, cheering them on whilst they troop in with their artillery of tanks and armored vehicles.

Chadian army’s Chief of the General Staff, Abakar Abdelkerim Daoud told reporters that, “the triumphant return of the army to the barracks today heralds the end of operations and Chad’s victory.”

Rebels vow to take capital after Chadian president killed
 Chad’s former president, Idriss Deby Itno

The army showcased dozens of people in a base in the capital city, believed to be captured members of the rebel group; the victory parade is perceived as a means of demonstrating the prevalence of the military whilst reassuring citizens of confidence in the Chadian military.

Despite the victory claims by the Chadian military which is considered one of the best forces in Africa, leadership of the rebel group is yet to confirm the defeat; spokesman of the group, Kingabe Ogouzeimi de Tapol said FACT “will comment when it has reliable and credible information.”

The Front pour l’Alternance et la Concorde au Tchad (FACT) rebel group fighters moved from Libya into northern Chad on April 11, to rebel against the long-serving leader and late President Idriss Déby who was projected to have won the just-ended election, extending his 30-year rule; an occurrence which was fiercely opposed by FACT.

Currently, the central African country is under the control of a Military transitional council led by General Mahamat Idriss Déby, the 37-year old son of the deceased President. The Junta is expected to return the country to democratic rule after a period of 18months.

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