Chaos in Cape Town during “Femicide Protest” at WEF Africa Conference

Young people demonstrated on Wednesday in front of government and business leaders at the World Economic Forum against South Africa’s “femicide epidemic”. The protest was triggered by the alarming increase of gender violence in the country.

At least 500 demonstrators whom were mainly young women gathered in front of the conference venue of the three-day meeting in order to draw attention to recent eminent rapes and killings.

One of the demonstrators said the protests were “not about attacking men but attacking the system that protects men and that offers them inherent privilege”.

Women have been facing a lot of challenges in the country and this prompted the outcry and rally. On August 24, 19-year-old Uyinene “Nene” Mrwetyana was raped and killed when she went to the post office. Again, Boxing champion Leighandre “Baby Lee” Jegels, 25, was allegedly shot dead by her partner, who was a police officer on Friday.

Actions are demanded by the protesters for women to be protected and perpetrators punished accordingly.

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