China calls racial discrimination in the U.S. a social ill, Urges the government to end it

The Chinese Ministry for Foreign Affairs in a recent press briefing on Monday, June 1st, urged the government of the United States of America to deal with the long-lasting issue of Racial discrimination in the country.

A spokesperson for the ministry, Zhao Lijian, told reporters that Racial discrimination against minority groups is a chronic sickness in the American society.

He made reference to the recent happenings in the country. “the current [George Floyd] situation shows the severity of racial discrimination and police violence in the United States.” the spokesperson added.

He stressed on the need for the human rights of these minority groups to be guaranteed and respected.

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“We hope the U.S. government can take substantial measures and fulfill its obligations to the international conventions on the Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination so as to safeguard and guarantee the legitimate rights of minority groups. “.. Zhao Lijian said.

He, however, expressed solidarity with the black community and declared China’s support in the collective fight against Racial discrimination because” black lives matter.”

Is this not interesting? Just a few months ago, hundreds of African residents and businessmen in China’s southern city of Guangzhou were being evicted from hotels and apartments and forced quarantine without knowing the results of their tests.

In February this year, a Chinese national who is the head chef at the Chez Wou Restaurant located at Kileleshwa estate, Kenya, was captured in a video lashing an employee for reporting to work late whiles other workers watched from afar, and this was not condemned by the Chinese gov’t.

If the Chinese officials are not on drugs then who are they trying to fool?

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