China to open banks in Nigeria – Ambassador Jianchin reveals

The Chinese ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Cui Jianchin reveals that Chinese banks might soon start banking operations in Nigeria in a bid to enhance trade and diplomatic relations between the two countries. Speaking at the celebration of the 2021 Moon Festival and China-Nigeria Cultural Week, the ambassador  lamented that the opening of Chinese in Nigeria is significant in building industries. 

“Before my departure from Beijing to Abuja, I talked to several banks in China. When you list the world’s 10 biggest banks, 6 are in China. The banking sector is very important because without money, we cannot build our industries.” the ambassador stated

In his speech, Mr. Jianchin further stated that there have been feasibility studies going on already and that the embassy will soon commence talks with Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor to know how Chinese banks can start their financial operations in Nigeria with offices in different locations.

While Addressing journalists in Abuja on Tuesday, Mr. Jianchin, he went on to say that he’s been working hard in ensuring  that financial integration and institutions will be at the forefront in China-Nigeria bi-lateral relationship.

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