China turns 70 ‘no force can shake great nation’ warns XI

As The republic of China celebrates its 70th anniversary communist rule and rise to super power status , XI has warned that no amount of pressure can shake the great nation. The celebrations were marred by a military parade demonstration of the country’s technology, and a firm statement from the President Xi Jinping.

The meticulously organized and orchestrated military parade brought together both the past and present leaders of China. Who watched from a platform over Tiananmen Square on Tuesday. The parade consisted of 15,000 troops and weapons including new hypersonic drones and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The military parade was followed by a civilian parade, featuring tributes to national icons from founding leader Mao Zedong and the bicycles China was known for before it became an economic juggernaut, to the cities that have sprung up since the reforms of the 1980s.

XI launched the celebrations with a speech that defines China’s economic rise and the party’s role in fostering it.

“There is no force that can shake the status of this great nation. No force can stop the Chinese people and the Chinese nation forging ahead,” he said. Hewing to tradition, he wore a grey Mao suit and watched the parade from the same spot where Mao stood to announce the establishment of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949.

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