Chinese bosses make us drink only two sachets of water daily; Ghanaian workers protest maltreatment

A Chinese company, Sino Hydro which has been awarded construction contracts in Ghana has been dragged before a labor office to respond to reports of maltreatment faced by the workers.

During a meeting held by the Western Regional Labor office to address the dispute, the aggrieved workers reveal that the company only allows each person to drink just two sachets of water a day. They added that the company pays less than $4 dollars daily benchmark, Ghc 19 specifically.

According to further accounts from the workers, the company, due to unknown reasons, failed to give out offer letters to the employees. Additionally, the local leadership equally complained to the labor officers of constant verbal abuse from their Chinese bosses.

Part of their demands among many others is for the authorities to push for higher wages and also deal with the issue of just two sachets of water daily which they think is a cruel measure considering the work-load involved in construction.

Sino Hydro is currently working on the tier-three interchange projects along the major Western regional road in Ghana. The company has also been awarded several contracts in the West African country. 

What do you think about such maltreatment suffered by the locals from foreign companies?

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