Chinese court rules homosexuality as a ‘psychological disorder’

The Suqian Intermediate People’s Court located in the eastern province of Jiangsu China has ruled in a certain context that, referring to homosexuality as a mental disorder is not a factual error.

This follows a lawsuit filed by a 24-year student of South China Agricultural University by name Ou Jiayong against a publishing house, Jinan University Press which published a book referring to the practice as a mental disorder.

Jiayong decided to sue the publisher after coming into contact with the psychology textbook themed “mental Health Education for College Students” in which homosexuality, cross-dressing and fetishism were listed under the category, “common psychosexual disorders”

The book, which has been authorized and in use by many Chinese universities further described the practice of homosexuality as one that “was believed to be a disruption of love and sex or perversion of the sex partner;” a description which did not sit well with the entire LGBTQIA+ community and Jiayong, prompting the legal action.

However, the court has ruled in favor of Jinan University Press arguing that, reference to homosexuality as “a psychological disorder” was not a factual error but merely an “academic view” held by the publisher projecting diversity in opinion.

According to the rulings, the book remains untouched and will continue to be in use in Chinese schools; the Chinese LGBTQIA+ community was disappointed in the ruling by the Jiangsu-based court. Jiayong described the court’s definition of “factual error” as “random and baseless”.

“My lawyer and I will have some public sharing sessions, write up notes with others in the community and see if there’s anything else we can follow up,” Ou Jiayong who is equally known as Xixi said after the ruling.

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