Chinese man arrested for shooting an 8-year old boy in Ghana

The Ghanaian Police have arrested a Chinese man identified as “soldier” over the shooting of an 8-year-old boy in Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The incident happened on Wednesday as the victim, Kwasi Mireku was playing with his friends.

Kwasi’s mother, Sarah Pedikan stated that, she heard a gunshot when she was at her backyard working. At the sound of it, she asked the children who were playing to leave the place and unknowingly to her, she didn’t know her son had fallen a victim of the gunshot. After a little while, Kwasi’s friend rushed to her to report that he had been shot.

Narrating the incident, she said, “I asked my son what happened, and he told me he was going to pick water from the room, but when I confronted the Chinese, he said my son was rather going to his room.”

As the news broke, it resulted into a pandemonium as the angry residents nearly lynched the Chinese man. They were of the opinion that it was not an accident but was done on purpose.

The residents also reiterated it was not the first time such had happened as the Chinese were known for attacking locals in that area.

The victim, Kwasi is undergoing a medical attention at Nkawkaw Government Hospital where he is said to be in a critical condition.

ACP Kofi Adu, the Police Divisional Commander has called for calm as the matter is under investigation.

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