Chinese migrant brutalizes 50-year-old Nigerian mechanic over missing car parts

Some Chinese migrants aided by Nigerian soldiers have allegedly brutalized a mechanic at Ofada in Ogun state- Nigeria. The identity of the victim has been revealed as a 50-year-old Olujimi Ogunbona who was introduced to the Chinese by a customer of his who also happens to be his landlord by the name Olushola Ogunrinde. 

According to reports, the reason for the brutality is hinged on a missing car spare part. Catalyst, to be precise. The case started after Olujimi was linked up to some Chinese expatriates to work on their vehicle, precisely their brake pads. Reports say he did the job and delivered the vehicle but three weeks later, he was called for a meeting on the grounds of theft. The meeting was held at their residence where the case escalated as the Chinese expatriates had also invited soldiers in the matter.

According to the mechanic, ‘When my son and I got to the Chinese people’s house last Monday, we saw three soldiers, including Olushola Ogunrinde and about eight men, including the Chinese people who gave me the vehicle to repair. The soldiers usually provide security for them. The Chinese people asked about the missing catalyst and I said I knew nothing about it, as I only changed the brake pads and adjusted the alignment. But as I was explaining, one of the Chinese people kicked my thighs and the impact of the kick caused severe pain in my scrotum.’

According to Olujimi , in seeing what happened to him, he signaled his son to run. In the process of fleeing in fear, the soldiers shot in the air in order to stop him from fleeing. Despite the gunshots, he was able to manage to escape and get in touch with the police.

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According to reports, Olushola Ogunrinde who linked him up with the Chinese was also contacted in order to resolve the issue. Olujimi went on to claim he’s been working for Olushola for over ten years and there has never been any complaint so far.

In Olujimi’s words, ‘the soldiers tied my hands and legs, removed my clothes and used belts to beat me till I started bleeding. As they were beating me, one of the Chinese repeatedly used his iron to hit my head. They kept saying I should confess to stealing the catalyst, but I declined.’

Olujimi also reported a Chinese man applied a substance that had a burning sensation on his face and back which turned out to be salt and pepper.  They later left him in the backyard with his hands and legs still tied. This torture had landed him some deep cuts and marks on his back.

He was only untied at the arrival of the police and his friends. The police moved him to Mowe police station where he made an official statement and further rushed to a hospital for some medical attention.

In response to the above case, the Chinese expatriates and the soldiers involved in the case have been invited to give their statements as directed by the Acting Commissioner of Police, DCP Abiodun Alamutu.

The incident has also been handed over to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligent department to carry on with the investigation. There has also been confirmation of the case by the state Police Public Relation officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi.

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