Congo gold rush: Government deploys police to secure the mountain

  • More details drop as Government deploys police to secure the mountain

EYeGambia reported earlier, the excitement with which residents in a Congolese village graced the discovery of a whole mountain which is full of gold and we promised to follow the story and provide all the necessary details.

The initial video which went viral did not indicate the actual village but reports reaching us says that, the discovery was made in Birava village which is located 35km from the north of Bukavu, inside the capital city of South-Kivu province.

The government has also deployed security officials to take control and secure the mountain as the villagers take their final gold minerals before the government take full control to ensure fair distribution.

Apart from gold, the Democratic republic of Congo is a top reserve of copper and also the world’s leading miner of cobalt.

A video clip earlier made waves on social media in which, residents of Congo’s village have discovered a whole mountain full of Gold.

There was a general excitement as many refer to the discovery as the real time version of the mythical Eldorado.

The video shows scores of villagers digging the mountain and retrieving good amounts of gold with others washing theirs to prove its authenticity.

The discovery was made during last weekend, Saturday but the video only went viral on Tuesday prompting the government’s attention.

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