Coronavirus: Liberian youngster make masks from African prints

Liberian youngsters are becoming creative in finding means to fight the pandemic among the local population. A young Liberian woman starts making an African version of mask using Ankara fabrics to assist prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Humpheretta Reid has haunted the challenge to make protective masks from African prints. She said the continent has all its needs just like the Ankara fabrics to keep people safe from the virus.

Reid said, “After seeing the various masks around the world, I was inspired and I decided to take it to our local culture by creating an African version of You know, I was like; we too can make use of what we have in order to put an end to this whole coronavirus.”

“We have almost all we need to fight this virus. We just need to think out of the box, be more creative, make use of what we have and believe that this coronavirus is real; it exists in Liberia”, she added.

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The West African country has reported 3 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus. W.H.O has instituted a variety of preventive measures, including frequent handwashing with soap under running water. Others include self-isolation, avoid shaking hands and hugging also as wearing protective masks while maintaining at least 2-meter distance from others.

AFP / Africa News

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