COVID-organics: Why is it that, when an African country discovers something, steps are not taken to scrutinize it? – Professor Lumumba

Professor Lumumba raised a major concern during an interview with Jossey Mahachie. He questioned why anytime an African country discovers something, steps are not taken to scrutinize or find out whether it can be potent.

This concern came as a response to a question asked by the host-seeking the view of the Pan-Africanist on the herbal medicine discovered by Madagascar.

He stated that the raw materials from which most of the drugs we consume produced by the Western companies are from Africa, among other places. According to him, the Madagascan assertion deserves proper scrutiny.


“Madagascan have discovered something; what we need to do is to find out if they have made baby steps. What can we do by means of research in our universities and other research institutions to ensure that, that particular concoction achieves the levels which are acceptable? He added.

Professor Lumumba further stated that the initiative from Madagascar must be commended and supported and also congratulated Tanzania, Guinea Bissau and others for supporting Madagascar on the initiative.

He however, highlighted the fact that Africans are fond of embracing with folded hands, things from the West, India and other parts of the world but dismisses things from the continent and advised against the self-loathing attitude.

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