Daughter of former Angolan president has her assets frozen by the new gov’t

Assets of the former Angolan president’s daughter, Isabel dos Santos has been frozen by the new government.

This is part of a corruption probe as shown by a copy of the document with the order.

Isabel was not the only one to be affected however, her father former president, Eduardo dos Santos and her husband and a business associate all had their assets put in the cold.

Following up on a court ruling on December 23, the government of Angola is through a corruption probe launched by President Joao Lourenço, looking to recover around $1 billion of funds that it says it is owed by Isabel dos Santos and her associates.

In a statement, Isabel pledged her innocence denying all allegations of mal-practice during her time in office.

“I would like to leave a message of tranquillity and confidence to my teams.”

Isabel is ranked by Forbes as Africas richest woman and until her dismissal was chairperson of a state-own oil company, in a message posted on her Twitter account, she went on to say that she and her people will go as far as it takes to prove their innocence;

“We will continue, every day, in every business, doing our best and fighting for what I believe in for Angola. The road is long, the truth will prevail. United we stand stronger.”

It freezes their personal bank accounts in Angola, as well as their stakes in Angolan firms including Unitel, BFA and ZAP MEDIA.

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