Djibouti Tops list of African Countries Hosting European, Chinese, and American Military Troops

The increase presences of foreign military bases in the continent of Africa by imperialist powers have raised many questions. The security, economic, and political interest of some nations have been forwarded as the motives behind such a move. However, while nationalists and Pan ‘Africanists’ across the world viewed it as a move designed to re-colonize the continent; the resources of the continent unquestionably remain an incessant target.

Below are some of the countries in Africa with foreign military basses: 

Djibouti: With a population of less than a million, Djibouti is the smallest country in mainland Africa.  However, there are approximately seven foreign military bases in Djibouti. It is on top of the list of countries with foreign military bases in Africa. France (Les Force Francaise Stationness au Djibouti), the United States of America (Camp Lemonnier), Italy, Japan (Japan Self-Defence Force Base Dijibouti and China’s Chinese People’s Liberation Army Support Base in Dibouti ) are all operating military bases in Djibouti. Djibouti is a mandatory passage for significant maritime trade route. It controls the access to the Red Sea and India Ocean.

Gabon: The Gabonese republic host France’s ‘Les element Francais au Gabou (EFG)’ army base. Gabon has diamond, gold, petroleum, natural gas niobium among others. It was granted independence in August 17, 1960. It registers significant progress compare to other countries in the continent.   

Ivory Coast: The former French colony gained Independence in 7th  August 1960. However, Ivory Coast still hosts France’s “Les Force Francaises en Cote d’ivoire” military base.  France still maintains considerable political influence over Ivory Coast.

Kenya: Kenya is among the few former British colonies (if not the only one) who host foreign military bases. Its host the ‘British Arm Training Unit Kenya’. This came to be through a Defence Cooperation Agreement between Kenya that allowed up to 10,000 British Service Personnel per year to be deployed in Kenya for military exercise. There was, however, a diplomatic dispute regarding the agreement in 2013 toward 2015. Kenya gained independence from the United Kingdom on 12 December, 1963. It is one of the economic giants of East Africa.

Federal Republic of Somalia: Somalia has an estimated population of 14.3 million. The former Italian colony gained independence in 1960. It is one of most the troubled country in Africa. A flexing imperialist power, Turkey runs a military base in Somalia called “Camp TURKSOM” with more than 1000 personnel. The United States of America is also present in Somalia busy (or pretending) chasing leaders of Al-Shabaab.

Madagascar, Mauritius, and Seychelles:  The trio Island nations serve as host to India’s military bases. There is an Indian listening post and a radar facility in northern Madagascar, a coast surveillance radar system deployed and maintained by India in Mauritius, and a coast surveillance radar system deployed and maintained by India in Seychelles.

Eritrea:  In Eritrea, Iran operates a military base in Assab. Another imperialist power, Israel is also running a listening station on the Mt Amba Sawara, as well as docks in the Bahlak Archipelago.  Eritrea has gold, zinc, potash, natural gas,  and oil.

Republic of Senegal: There are continuous growing dissentient over Frances’ influence over Senegal, among others includes the military presence of the former colonial masters. France has a military base in Senegal. It is called the Les element Francaise au Senegal (EFS). Even though Senegal remains as one of the most successful democracies in the continent, France continues to exert its influence in both the political and economic facade of Senegal since it gained independence in April 4, 1960.

Republic of Chad: Like most former colonies of France, Chad also hosts the French Chad-N’Djamena Air Force Base.   In 2007, Chad had the highest index of failed State according to Fund for Peace (FFP). It is ranked the tenth largest oil reserves holder in Africa.

Niger:  In Niger, together with its imperial colleague, France has an air force base call the Niamey Air Force Base while the United States also runs another airbase call ‘Niger Air Base 201’. The former French colony which gains its independence August 3, 1960, is constantly rank at the bottom of the United Nations’ Human Development index.

Central African Republic: CAR gained its independence on 13 August 1960 from France. Central African Republic experienced several autocratic, only to be hit by civil a war lately, which many commentators described has a forgotten war. It has natural resources such as uranium, crude oil, gold, diamond, cobalt, lumber, etc. Russia has army bases in Central African Republic.