Do not take Africans as human guinea pigs – Drogba

“Do not take Africans as human guinea pigs” Drogba fumes after French Doctors suggest testing of COVID-19 vaccine in Africa.

The former Ivorian professional footballer and Chelsea Talisman, Didier Yves Drogba is obviously not a happy man right now. He expressed his dissatisfaction in a rather unfortunate conversation that went on live on TV between two French Doctors.

The two were filmed on set suggesting that a newly discovered possible COVID-19 vaccine should be tested in Africa the same way experimental treatment for aids was done on prostitutes. According to the journalist interviewing the doctors, the vaccine should be first tested on vulnerable Africans who have no mask, no treatment before using it to treat European citizens.

It is baffling to think that these are the same people preaching human rights to Africans on the basis of sexuality and gender identity. They are quick to call us homophobic or hate-filled people when in reality they are the ones without any regard to black lives.

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This statement, which gives credence to the already existing belief that Africa has always been a testing ground for vaccines over the years, got Drogba very angry and he took to his social media platforms to express this anger against the inhumane statement.

According to him, Africans must not be taken as human guinea pigs to test vaccines. He further added that the suggestion is demeaning, deeply racist and must be condemned. He equally called on African leaders to protect their citizens against it.

Read the full post below.

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