Don’t allow foreigners to meddle in your security issues; South Korea to Nigeria

South Korea’s ambassador to Nigeria, Kim Young-Chae, has offered advice to Nigerian leaders over the decision to seek international support in solving the security issues in the country.

He stated that, “Security is a very sensitive issue. I know everyone is concerned about the insecurity in Nigeria but it is Nigeria’s internal issue. It should be discussed among Nigerians. If another country engages Nigeria, that is another issue entirely and that would be considered an international issue.” 

The ambassador stressed on the need to draw on domestic support in addressing such sensitive issues. “To solve the problem, Nigeria needs international cooperation mainly with its neighboring countries to enhance its internal security. Nigeria must cooperate with Chad, Niger and other neighboring countries to ensure cooperation.” he added.

His comment follows calls by Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari for the headquarters of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) which is currently located at Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart –Germany to be relocated to Africa to help deal with insecurity.

“In my call with US Secretary of State Blinken, I asked the US to consider re-locating the AFRICOM HQ from Germany to Africa—near the Theatre of Operation.” President Buhari earlier said. 

According to the President, the move is necessary to help curb the regional security challenges; he added that, his demand was “against the backdrop of growing security challenges in West & Central Africa, Gulf of Guinea, Lake Chad region & the Sahel.” 

Buhari himself has faced criticisms for failing woefully in dealing with widespread insecurity in NIgeria; Do you agree with the South Korean Ambassador for Nigeria to focus on using domestic measures mainly in dealing with security issues?

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