Dr. Arikana and Co set to build “Wakanda city of return” in Ghana

Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao, former ambassador for the African Union to United States and the current president of African Diaspora Development Institute (ADDI) together with her partners have successfully launched a smart city project called “wakanda city of return” in Ghana.

This pan-African project was purposely launched to provide a befitting home and a place of pilgrimage for people of African descent who wish to return to the continent and as well, other tourists who want to know about the history of the black race, culture, the civilization of Africa and its role in the creation of the new world economy.

According to Dr. Arikana, it is expected that, this smart city will be built across Africa with Ghana being the start point. The ultramodern facility has been launched in Ghana and strategically positioned in Cape Coast; a town in the Central Region of Ghana where European slave traders finally assembled slaves in the slave castle or dungeons before dispatching them to the Americas.

Information available to Eyegambia indicated that, Ghanaian officials have already given the go-ahead for the project to commence through a memorandum of understanding which they have signed together with ADDI and two other local companies.

Fundraising for this smart city will soon commence; Dr. Arikana clarified that, funding will come from Africans. “This is the city that must be built by the children of Africa, for the children of Africa. we are not going to beg around the world…. We do not need aid; we are a very wealthy people if we come together.” She stated during the launching of the project.

“Today my brothers and sisters, we begin that journey of turning over a new leaf of building the Africa that we want; of building a sustainable Africa for us, by us.” She added.

The said city will be modeled around the Wakanda city in Black Panther; similar to what Akon has started building in Senegal.

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