DRC President congratulates Madagascar for discovering COVID-19 herbal medicine

Madagascar is finally courting the support many well-meaning Africans have been calling for since the country discovered and launched a possible COVID-19 traditional medicine.

Initially, there was no support from African leaders which baffled a lot of Pan-Africanists. Many refer to this lack of support for each other as the main reason the continent has been subjected to undue treatments over the years.

However, something seem to be peeling off the delusional veil of fear of the West, inherent disunity and lack of support from the eyes of these leaders.

The first African head of state who recognized this discovery was Macky Sall, President of Senegal. He did not only congratulate Madagascar but also placed an order for the local remedy.

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Next African President on the list is Félix Tshisekedi, President Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina who has been the target of many criticisms since launching the medicine confirmed this on his official Twitter page.

“Excellent discussion with President #Tshisekedi @Presidence_RDC who congratulates us on the improved traditional remedy COVID-Organics.
Africa is united & develops solutions against # COVID19 thanks to its natural heritage. The Malagasy are by the side of their brothers.”..Rajoelina wrote.

The discovery of COVID-ORGANICS came with lots of unfounded criticisms which got a lot of Africans asking critical questions. Why is the World Health Organization tagging the medicine unsafe without any scientific probe into its efficiency as claimed by Madagascar? Why should Africa accept a vaccine whilst they refuse to accept our age long traditional treatment?

This is the time for unity. Every African must support Madagascar. We must call for an independent investigation and purchase the medicine massively to save lives should COVID-ORGANICS prove beyond all reasonable doubts.

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