Eating is the solution to Somalia’s locust invasion

Somalia has come up with a rather unusual approach in her fight against an invasion of locust. The country is facing its worst invasion of locusts in closed to 3 decades, but instead of waging war with sprays and other insecticides, Some people have improvised the means, choosing instead to eat the desert insects, using them to make some tasty meals.

Local media reports show residents of Adado town, in central Somalia, frying the locusts and eating them with rice and pasta. One man said they are tastier than fish.

The people believe that the insects are just more than food but also have medicinal value, serving as back pain relief and blood pressure moderator.

Some residents are urging local restaurants to introduce locust dishes.

The infestation, affecting parts of Somalia and Ethiopia, has destroyed crops and threatens food security in the region, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation has said.

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