Economics of Sexuality: Should LGBTQ Agenda Be a Condition for IMF Loan or Global Trade in Africa?

Cultural Imperialism-A New Form of Colonialism

Since LGBT rights issues started gaining popularity, the mode and manner of diplomacy, especially between some superpowers and developing countries have changed drastically. Diplomacy evolved from the initial focus on the substance in negotiations to a form that gives consideration to LGBTQIA+ status of countries.

In order to whip other nations into the “New” order, nations that seem accommodative towards LGBTQIA+ issues and practice seem to warrant some sort of advantage over those whose respective cultures disapprove any of them.  Interestingly, those who are not willing to even hold a conversation on the subject are subjected to certain direct and indirect sanctions to force them into accepting it. However, the imposition on a considerable number of people, a practice they are not ready for or willing to accept as a way of life amounts to modern-day imperialism and very unfair to these people.

There is no doubt. Humans will always do whatever give them pleasure or satisfy their needs even if that mode of satisfaction does not fall within their cultural morals and constitutional confines. Yes, one can argue to an extent that, there was some element of LGBTQ lifestyle in the African cultural content just like incest and other social issues. All these were products of contextual deviance like pedophilia or bestiality (Sexual intercourse between humans and animals is legal in some western countries) etc which still goes on even though African laws and culture frowns on them.

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Survey: 50% of Gay Pride attendees are heterosexual / LGBTQ Nation
Participants on O’Connell Street in Dublin take part in a Gay Pride parade in Dublin, June 27, 2015. Photo: Niall Carson, PA via AP

The reality is that, at no point did any African civilization normalize the practice of same-sex now propagated by the west even as they continue to push a defense for it. Accusing Africa of engaging in morally debauched lifestyle, which colonization ended will not do the trick.  Same-sex relationship has always been a taboo and a no-go area in precolonial Africa.

Most men in the west practice “ambulatory or sojourn polygamy”. In fact, the most common, is “down-the-street-polygamy” coupled with free lifestyle of siring. Even though Western laws are against polygamy, which is against western culture of monogamy, society deliberately ignores or becomes passive of such practices but constantly reminds Africans to respect what they refer to as a human right which in actual fact is an affront to the African culture. If self-determination is a universal principle, Africans should be allowed to run their own society as it fits to their spirituality, culture and personality than being tricked or coerced into it.

Huge crowds for LGBT pride parade in Brazil's... | Taiwan News
LGBT pride parade in Brazil

Africa has been on the receiving end for centuries. The continent accepted and adopted many alien cultures we perceived suitable to our social construct, but regrettably, most of those alien cultures decelerated and retarded African growth, and more so, created loss of identity on the continent. Therefore, the 21st century Africa should act cautiously, tread carefully on any new agenda created by the west and packaged as human rights issues to fool or to ridicule Africa. Human Rights subsist in society where other rights and values co-exist. Society should be respected to determine what is best for it. Each society has the right to choose its own path.

After the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, the Obama administration started to expand the promotion of gay agenda overseas and Africa became the perfect spot to start. One may ask, why Africa and why not Saudi Arabia or China? Besides, those countries have stronger anti-gay laws than African countries and they are less vulnerable in terms of development, unlike Africa.

A 2004 study shows that 98% of Nigerians do not welcome LGBTQ lifestyle as a normal lifestyle in the social construct. So why would western countries or organizations punish the majority 98% just so the country can conform to their request? Few years back, human rights groups and UN successfully advocated for the total ban on female circumcision of all ages because of health issues. Unfortunately, the same people condemning female genital mutilation are those campaigning for sex change on human rights platform. What a charade.

Perhaps, they need to be told, health issues are human rights issues. Societal norms are human rights issues and any attempt to change them against the will of the 98% lot could be detrimental to peace and stability.

Africa’s societies are cooperative enterprises rooted in our philosophical beliefs of “Ubuntu – I am because we are”. Our traditional family system is what’s holding us as a society. We cannot risk it for anything. Deal with Africa on diplomatic issues devoid of LGBTQIA+ conditional agreements.

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