Eight African Nationals are Coaches of other Africa National Football Teams

Africa is yet to establish its command in the global stage of football. However, football Confederations and Associations across the continent evidently prefer hiring foreign expatriates outside the continent against those in the continent to manage their national teams.

Recently remakes by the Senegalese coach Alieu Cisse, in the just concluded 2019 African Cup of Nations that he “beat[s] more than 9 great European Coaches from the playoff to get to the finals suggests a continued battle by African base football technicians for relevance in their national football teams.

While the argument in support of foreign coaches propose that they are mostly more technical, the pro –African coaches maintained that they are just been undermined.

Foreign coaches mostly, from Europe constitute closely up to 43% of national team coaches in the continent. It costs the continent millions of US dollar per year on European missionaries, technicians, experts and coaches with mostly, huge lose to most Football Federations in the continent.

The interchange of technicians and coaches across the continent has likewise, not been the least encouraging. However, African nationals are currently coaches to other African National teams. The following are countries with coaches from other African States:

Djibouti, Ghassoum from Mauritania,
Niger, Fracois Zahoui from Ivory Coast,
Somalia, Huruna Mawa from Rwanda,
Tanzania, Emmanue Amunike from Nigeria,
South Sudan, Cyprian Bessong from Cameroon,
Bostwana, Adel Amrouche from Algeria,
Lesotho, Thabo Senong from South Africa,
Sao Tome, Custavo Clemate from Cameroon

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