Emotional Intelligence & Mental Health First Aid Project Ghana Successfully Trains Its First Cohort Members in Ghana. 

The maiden cohort training for Maternal Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence & Mental Health First Aid project was successfully held on  August 1, 2019, to August 4, 2019, at the University of Professional Studies hostel Legon.

There is a new dimension on how professionals and policymakers in mental health could tackle mental health issues and also try to look at some fundamental problems and finding appropriate solutions to them in the country Ghana.

The neglect of Maternal Mental Health issues, Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health First Aid in the primary health care system and also how Mental Health Professionals could appropriately deal with these contemporary issues to be able to be client-specific and improve upon care across the country were the central issues that were considered.

  The main objectives of the project are;

  1. Advocacy
  2. Awareness creation
  3. Capacity building
  4. Patient support
  5. Research
  6. Professional Training
  7. Job Creation
  8. Mental Health Policy.

The first cohort training brought together twenty – two Mental Health Professionals made up of Mental health/Psychiatric Tutors with several years of Experience, Mental Health Nurses and Mental Health Officers.

The areas covered during the training were Maternal Mental Health issues looking into some topics of Maternal Mental Health and Maternal Mental Health disorders, how to promote Maternal Mental health and how to identify distressing mothers. Issues concerning addressing mental health issues of mothers to help good mothering and promote infant and child health. Emotional Intelligence was also a critical area that was looked at and professionals were taken through how one must be emotionally Intelligent to help handle people and also give out optimum care within his or her professional standards.

The three-day training challenged professionals to work as one and collaboratively see each another as partners in the development of Mental Health which is a critical area in health care of our times in the world and not only Ghana.

Finally, this project is been carried out by the Global Pan Africanism Network and Addison Centre for Emotional Intelligence.


Mr. David Naboare (Project Director)

Mr.Ayamba Adamu (Project Coordinator)

Gabriel Karikari (secretary)

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