“Enough is enough” – Lukaku calls out FIFA and UEFA over racism

Following the insults England players received during their World Cup qualifying victory over Hungary on Thursday, Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku has called on FIFA and UEFA to put a stop to racism in sport.

He has publicly asked FIFA and UEFA to make serious penalties against supporters who make racist comments against players, after incidents with the England team in their 4-0 victory over Hungary.

The English team has been subject to racist abuse twice in their recent Euro 2020 qualifiers, and Hungary will now play two home matches without fans after Racist shouts were hurled towards Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham during England’s 4-0 victory in Budapest.

“We always talk about the racial issues. But not only that but a lot of stuff of discrimination that’s happening in and around the football pitch. And I think now it’s the time that something has to happen.” Lukaku said.

Racialized stereotypes

Black sportsmen suffer discrimination on many levels, including the public (anti-black racism from stadium spectators), private (abusive DMs on social media), and institutional (lack of management and coaching opportunities). 

Most African Americans in the 1930s and ’40s were considered gifted in sports rather than cognitive skills like “reading, writing, and math”. Black people’s athletic abilities were being seen as more suited to physical tasks, and the contemporary black athlete was beginning to develop. This idea was reinforced by others with similar thoughts.

Beyond sport

According to UK’s Office for National Statistics, black-heritage young people in the UK were three times more likely than white offenders to be tasered by police in 2020. Black students were more than twice as likely as white classmates to have their grades projected below their intellectual ability and to be excluded for comparable misbehavior.

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