Ethiopia: Thousands of people march to UK, US embassies in Addis to protest against external influence

Thousands of Ethiopian nationals in the capital, Addis Ababa have on Thursday marched to the embassies of the United Kingdom and United States in protest against the involvement of external forces in the ongoing fight against rebels in the Tigray region.

The protesters held placards with inscriptions “No to neocolonialism,” “No more US,” among others. Worku Taddesse, a protester who spoke to reporters said “I am here to protest against foreign atrocities which have been planned to dismantle the sovereignty of Ethiopia.”

The people mainly called on Joe Biden, President of the United States to “revise his foreign policy” in the country. The protest was triggered by a generally held perception that, foreign forces are backing the Tigray rebels against the government.

This position was further fueled by the continuous alarms by the foreign embassies, especially the US and the UK warning of “war” in the country. The government which was unhappy with such narrative warned the United States against “spreading false information” about Ethiopia.  The government equally warned foreign media houses to refrain from the publication of fake news or risk to lose their operational certificates.

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Kebede Desisa, a spokesperson for the government earlier indicated that, Ethiopia is faced with two major issues: the fight against rebels and “also with colonialism of the powerful states of the West.” The protest in the capital, Addis Ababa came at the backdrop of the country’s Prime Minister’s involvement at the “battle front” in the fight against the rebels.

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