Ethiopia to free 4,000 prisoners as it steps up war against COVID-19

Ethiopia plans to free over 4,000 prisoners holed up in its prisons as a measure to curb the spread of coronavirus.

“To contain the spread of Coronavirus, 4011 convicts who are serving their sentence in federal prison facilities will be released,” said Adanech Abebe, the Federal Attorney-general who was appointed to the position this month.

The releases are expected to start on Thursday 26th March.

Prisoners who are included within the lists of these to steer out free from jail are; Convicts who were serving up to 3 years in prison, those that are left with just one year of parole. those that are pregnant and breastfeeding if their case isn’t associated with homicide and foreign nationals whose cases aren’t of homicide nature are included within the amnesty.

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Foreigners charged with involvement in smuggling and drug traffic also will be released and deported to their countries of origin.

As of Today, Ethiopia had confirmed 12 cases of COVID-19, after conducting 480 laboratory tests.

Officials say all the cases involve people that traveled from abroad or had direct contact with people that traveled from abroad.

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