Ethiopian government says national forces reclaimed over six towns from the Tigray rebels

The Ethiopian government has revealed that, its national troops at the battlefield have gained more grounds as they take-on the rebel group, known as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in the longstanding conflict.

Speaking on state media, government spokesperson, Legesse Tulu identified towns including Shewa Robit as part of the new areas claimed from the rebels by the troops. “In Shewa front, the Mezezo, Molale, Shewa Robit, Rasa and its surroundings have been freed from the terrorist TPLF,” he said

Legesse  also told Ethiopians that, the troops will “in a short period of time” take over areas such as Dessie and Lalibela which they captured in an earlier raid.

The media address held on Wednesday came at the backdrop of a massive protest by thousands of Ethiopian nationals in the capital, Addis Ababa who matched to the embassies of the United Kingdom and United States to register their displeasure over the involvement of external forces in the ongoing war against rebels in the Tigray region.

This protest followed the action taken by the Nobel Prize winning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to join the battlefield as a motivation to the troops.

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