EU, France cut ties with Central African Republic for using Russia’s Wagner to fight insurgents

The European Union has announced that, it has suspended its activities in the Central African Republic(CAR) over the engagement of Russia’s Wagner by the President Faustin Archange Touadéra administration to boost the fight against insurgents in the country.

Despite reports by the CAR government that, the Wagner group has chalked some successes against the rebels since their engagement in the region, the EU and France hold a different view that the government through Wagner is rolling out a counter offensive attack on the rebels which they consider a violation of right. Russia has so far denied the accusations by the EU.

General Jacques Langlade de Montgros, commander of the European Union’s training mission in the Central African Republic said “due to the control exercised by mercenaries from the Wagner company over the Central African Armed Forces (FACA), the European Union, concerned about respect for international humanitarian law, has decided to temporarily suspend training activities.”

The EU further said it may resume operation “as soon as they have the assurance that the trained Central African soldiers will not be employed by Wagner’s mercenaries.”

Earlier on, France announced the withdrawal of budgetary commitment to the Central African republic, with claims that, “the Central African authorities have made commitments that they have not kept, both politically towards the opposition and in terms of their behavior towards France, which is the target of a massive disinformation campaign in CAR.”

Since 2013, there has been a surge in rebel activities with an aim to topple the regime of Faustin Archange Touadéra. The president has been exploring alternative means to help eradicate the advances of the rebels who have captured some grounds already; however, France and its EU partners are at loggerheads with the government over the engagement of Russia’s mercenary group. What do you think about the development?

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