European Countries want Africans to be their puppets – Museveni

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni told a European journalist that, some constituencies in Europe hold superior thoughts in expectation that, whatever they want is what Africans should do.

He made those comments in opposition to the imposition of LGBTQIA+ on Africa; According to him, Africans considers that practice, a deviation from their cultural values. 

“In Europe, you promote Homosexuality; you think homosexuality is an alternative way of life whilst for us here, we think it is a deviation,” the President said.

He added that, “Some of the constituencies in the West have their own way of thinking and for us, we agree with you on some but we don’t agree with you on others. I think what you would like us to be is that, we should be your puppets. Whatever you say is what we should do.”  he added.

Museveni holds the view that, because Africans refuse to yield to these demands, those constituencies in Europe promote negative things against the continent. He however said that, “they (European countries) make mistakes by so doing because they don’t know our situation.”

The interview which was recently held featured topics centered on LGBTQIA+, the just ended controversial election, accountability, among others. 

On the controversies surrounding the election, Museveni claimed that, his main Contender, Bobi Wine was an “agent of foreign interest” who planned to organize an insurrection in Uganda. 

“The opposition are the ones who want to organize an insurrection because they say, they want to organize here, what happened in Libya, supported by you people, by you the Western governments; what happened in Egypt, what happened in Sudan.” He said, clarifying that, such plots were masterminded by some western elements and diplomats but it was diffused.

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